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Start your journey to the top
Potential, talent and drive exist in every corner of the world.
But right now, opportunity doesn’t.
That’s why we’re making it easier for you to achieve your goals.
Scholarships To Drive Positive Change

We want everybody to benefit from a

world-class education, regardless of

background, location or circumstance.

That includes you.


Education is about growth. A degree

is just the start of your next chapter. Use this

scholarship to kick-start your journey and

grow in confidence.


If you’re among the brightest and best,

you deserve to stand out from the crowd.

Join the next generation movement and

take your place at the top, from the


MSU Entrepreneurship Scholarship

We're empowering entrepreneurs with the skills they need to move forward in life.

Apply for the Entrepreneurship Scholarship today.

Global Refugee Scholarship
Learning can transform lives  but it’s all too easy to run into setbacks.


At MSU , we’re here for you.


If you’ve been disadvantaged, we’ll help you unlock doors for your future with a Global Refugee Scholarship.
Partner and Corporate Scholarships

We've established our first global partnerships with organizations that align with our goals, values and mission.

Want to get involved?

Contact us at


For the forward thinkers. Those ready to succeed, unafraid to fail.

Kenda and MSU teamed up to make American education even more affordable for people in Libya.

If you’re a resident of Libya, you could be eligible for the Kenda Advance Scholarship – driving success.

  • Get up to 100% off your BBA, MBA or a certificate.
  • Just 30 scholarships available.

Applications close October 31.

Former Minister of Education and #BringBackOurGirls crusader, Dr Oby Ezekwesili, provided two-year scholarships to Nigerian women aged 16–25 to study on Madison Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree program.

Dangote Cement sponsored their employees to take the first year of their MBA degree at MSU University.

The HSM scholarship was available to drive innovation in Nigeria, empower bright talent and shape the future of education.

Next Generation Scholarships

Online study of Arab countries


Scholarships for the next generation are for people who deserve success.

This may mean that you have looked after your family instead of going to college.

Maybe you can't afford the education you need to get your dream job.

Therefore, the online study was provided to suit the countries of the Middle East

with the possibility of documentation from the Embassy of the Arab State for degrees.


Potential, talent and drive exist in every corner of the world, in every society. But right now, opportunity doesn't. That's why at MSU , we make it easier for you to achieve your goals. We believe in your success, regardless of your physical location.

Our Next Generation Scholarships are for people who deserve success. That could mean that you've looked after your family instead of going to university or you just couldn't afford the education you needed to land your dream job. Where you live should never hold you back.

Make your mark. Reach for new heights. Apply to get 30% off the application fee and your tuition.

Women in Business Scholarship

Women are breaking down barriers all over the world.

Join the next generation with MSU University’s Women in Business Scholarship.

You’ve come far.

Get ready to go further.

MSU is more than a university. We exist to give people everywhere the opportunity to excel. Talent knows no race, background, nationality or gender. Potential can lie in the most unexpected places. All over the world, on average, girls achieve more than boys at school. A lack of opportunity means fewer end up going to university. We’re changing that. If your ambition is as limitless as ours, apply for the Women in Business scholarship today.

How to apply
Applying is quick and easy. If you have what it takes to join the next generation,
apply today!


Apply for your scholarship
  • Choose your scholarship
  • Select 20% or 30% off
  • Complete the application form
  • Answer three short questions.


Apply for your MSU program
  • Choose your program
  • Apply and upload your documents
  • Use the scholarship application fee voucher code
  • Use the scholarship tuition voucher code and make tuition payment
  • Enroll in your program.
Scholarship questions

If you’re successful, you have ten days to use the code you’ll get from us. You can only use one scholarship, and you can’t combine it with any other discounts and promotions.

Our scholarships are country-specific. You apply for the scholarship for your country. We also have a scholarship for women.

You must be a new starter: current learners can’t apply for scholarships. If you’re not successful, you can apply again in six months.

Will the scholarship be taken away? Because MSU scholarships are designed for people reaching for the top, we expect you to maintain a 2.5 GPA in the BBA and a 3.0 in the MBA.

Yes! You need to apply for your MSU degree. Receiving a scholarship doesn’t automatically enroll you. You must go through the application process, and enter two voucher codes when we ask you to: one for the application fee and one for your tuition.

You're more than welcome to share details of your personal story in your application. That way, you can be sure we'll read it. Unfortunately, we're unable to reply to individual messages.

We look at your answers on your scholarship application to find out what you have attained in your life so far and what you intend to do with the rest of it. We want to know that you’ll use your Next Generation Scholarship to change the world in your own way. Our Scholarship Committee meets twice a week. The Scholarship Committee Chair makes the final decision on who will receive a scholarship and the amount they will receive.